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No one word can descibe how awesome engineering is!!!

About Me

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Hey, my name is Erik Aguirre and I am a senior at Santa Monica High School that loves engineering, more specificly, computer engineering. I am also trying to couple my love for computer engineering with my love for computer coding. I am currently in my last year of a four year engineering course and in my second year of a college computer science course. I plan to use these classes to better my skills and acheive my goal of obtaining a masters computer science and engineering.

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My Resources


These are my resources I use in school or in my personal projects.


Completed Project(s)

One of my main coding projects that I have completed is making three modification packs (or "mod" for short) in Minecraft. These modifications took me about a month to code and design. They are all on my USB called "MINECRAFT" so I can take them anywere.

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Engineering Ethics

This is a video that talks about ethics in engineering. The case study in the video is about the Ford Pinto and it's ethical problems, how the problems could have been avoided, and what could have happened if the problems had been avoided.


Birthday Breadboard


Year Long Project (Housing Hunters)

Below is a picture of our prototype. The prototype is an outline of the website we planned on using to help inform our community about homelessness and the wrongful prejudices that come with homelessness. The prototype includes different pages and it's meant to fit on different smart phone screens.

Screenshot (42).png

The point of this project was to display my birthday using a two seven segment displays by wiring a breadboard. I had to use two in the end because of the large amount of wiring. 

Completed Projects

Work In Progress

Capstone Project

My main work in progress is a capstone project that focuses on mental illness among people affected by homelessness. This project focus on getting people affected by homelessness a fair chance of getting help for any mental illness that they may have so they can have a chance to become apart of society again. We are also focusing on trying to make sure that all people affected by homelessness can have an equal oportunity to get help if they need to with behavioral control or emotional assistance.

We have a mentor, Dr. Moon. She will help us understand the different parts of our problems as it is much more complicated than we had originally thought. She will also help us come up with possible ways to solve our issue in the most practical way.

Prototype Design

Screenshot (42).png

This is an image of our website that we will are developing to bring awareness to the issue of NIMBYism and its effects on homelessness. This is a layout for the mobile website that consists of our mission statement, statistics, information about us, etc.

Capstone Video

Elevator Pitch

Capstone Project Update 1/29/2021

Our project is going in a good direction so far. Our website is now going through the process of testing if it meets certain criteria and we will use benchmarks to see if it meets standards. We are also working on when we will record our elevator pitch for our website.

Our cost analysis is at the bottom of page 16 and page 17 of our Research Document.

Screenshot (43).png

Capstone Project Update 3/5/2021

Cover Page:


Figma Design:

We are currently reaching the goal of having a working prototype to our design. We have recently created an outline as to what we will include in our website as well as what we we should have on each page. All we have left in terms of constructing the website is to create a working prototype, testing it and get feedback from volunteers, and then either adding or removing content so that we can make the biggest impact with the website.

Work in Progress

Blog #1

Blog #4

During my summer vacation I began to teach myself more coding languages and built my own computer. I also took walks with my family along the beach (staying a safe distance from people) to get out of the house. I also took time to create projects with my dad and help him around his work.

I am extramly excited to be able to find solutions for issues that we deal with day to day by using engineering. I am also excited to be able to trouble shoot with my peers in a way I haven't really had the chance to do before.

In general I am very excited to have more time to practice what I love (which is coding) since I have more free time on my hands. I am also egar to take my new computer science course that will teach me more information about computer science.

Blog #2

Our group is actually in a very good point in our project and we have all been able to find the resources we need without much issue. However, we have had a bit of trouble fully grasping what we want as our final goal in our project. Overall we are doing well in our project but we still need more time to review our resources and make sure that bit of research that we have is useful to us.

As I had said before I believe that the only issue that will arise when moving forward with our project is commiting to what we want to achieve. After we figure out that, I believe that we will have some issues trying to find a way to go about solving our isssue.

I am pretty far into the college application process. I have written four essays for the prompts from the common application and have two awesome teachers that accpted my request for a letter of recommendation. I have finalized all of my schools that I will be applying to and now I just need to finalize my bragsheet so that my teachers have a good reference when writing my letter of rec.

Blog #3

If I knew how fast the due dates for my college apps would have come by I would have been orgaizing everything to prepare for them. I wish someone had told me how long each applcatrion for privcate schools were so that I could have better fitted my scheudle to work with them. I would definatly tell the incoming seniors to prepare and oranize your choises and figure out how long they think it will take them to complete their applications. The things that excitemes me the most about going to college is  having time to figure out who I will become when I get older. I am excited to meet new people and have a chance to start over and be a better version of myself. 

Blog #5

Products that are made for profit are designed in a way that they attract people to buy it. There something that provides some convenience to people or it can be something that can be a sign of status. Products made to benefit others are convenient and make life easier for the buyer, but unlike products made for profit, these products can be free or low (and expensive in some situations) in price so that they are affordable to the common buyer but they still provide some use to the buyer. These products usually provide more practicality and usefulness than products made for profit.                                                                                                                                        Some pros of a product made for profit are that it can be very beneficial for the seller since they can made large influxes of money in a relatively short amount of time and depending on the product they can provide some happiness to the buyer. Cons of the product are that they can take a long time to make and they won't be quick to produce without the right man power and since they are expensive you have to make the product more attractive to a wider audience or you will not sell as often. The pros of a product made for benefiting others is that they will sell more often as people will like the convenience that the product offers and it will also be easier to produce if you make it cheaper. A product that is made for profit is something like Rolex, Gucci, etc. A product made for benefit is something like a calculator, stopwatch, etc.


Blog #6

I would have to say the the hardest thing about this project was figuring out what should or shouldn't be added to our research. What I mean by this is that it is difficult to try and catch the little details that might lessen the real message of our website, or things that coutrardict one another, as well as trying to make sure that you don't put outdated information. The thing I'm most proud of is that Melizza and I where able to reconstruct the presentation so that it was more organized and a little more visually appealing, I really enjoyed the way it turned out.

Blog #7

Blog #1

This picture represents my current state of mind. I am extremely stressed since my internet has been failing me for the past two days and I haven't been able to turn things in when I want to. I have had to wait and hold off on doing assignments and its began piling up. My current state of mind is stressed, worried, angry, tired, and sad all packed into a one, and the end of the grading period just makes matters worse. Thankfully I have been able to calm down since writing this, but this is the most exhausting thing ever.


My main educational plan for next year is to go to SMC and improve my work ethic to become competitive enough to transfer to USC. I also plan to apply for internships at different game companies to get an in person experience as to what I will be doing in the future. My personal plans are to get closer to my family and make some lifestyle changes that will benefit my family and I.

Throughout my PLTW career I would have to say that the thing I'm most proud of is the birthday breadboard project. That project was the biggest test to my patience I've had at school because of how often I had to rewire the breadboard when it refused to work. I use the assignment as a testament to my patience when I commit to something. It helped me develop the skill of thinking about my problems objectively, allowing me to think logically when dealing with an issue. Hands down it was the most enjoyable and most difficult individual assignment I've been given.

If I had to give advice to incoming Seniors about the project I would tell the to keep the deadlines! These are so important to the success of your project. I would also tell them to be patient and keep and open mind. Both of these will allow them to quickly recover from a setback in the event that they have to redo something or even redesign. I would finally tell them to be creative and share your ideas with your team, communication is key if they want to have a smooth project. 

Emgineering Ethics
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